Turning Your Spiritual Gifts Into Tangible Products & Services

It's time to STOP passively entertaining the dream you know you are being CALLED to share with the world.

You've earned the BIG job titles, six-figure salaries and professional accolades only to recently realize that you're still not walking in the fullness of your CALLING?


Your spirit desires freedom and the ability to impact lives in a more meaningful way. But your mind can't seem to get past the fear of "going broke".

But Recently....


G-d has called you to the table with what I like to call an "ON-THE-FLOOR - MOMENT". You know, that moment of snotty nose crying in which you've been brought to your knees by your unhappiness and the revelation that you have been passively engaging your Calling for far too long.


You know there is a better way to express your professional gifts and spiritual superpowers.  But the fear of losing everything you've worked so hard to build is making it hard to see a clear way through the doubt and into the next phase of your Destiny?


I can relate. I've been there. Everything in your life may feel at a standstill, and yet it is still as simple as deciding to ASCEND.

ASCEND Is The Solution To Reaching Your Next Level Of Leadership & Conscious Entrepreneurship With Confidence.

ASCEND is a comprehensive 9-Month business & leadership development program designed to inspire and guide dynamic women of color ready to express their professional gifts and spiritual superpowers more harmoniously through their own conscious business endeavor. Through heart-centered personal engagement and authentic business principles, you'll learn how to create a financially sustainable business that contributes to the betterment of others and the world. 

* This is a low five-figure investment. payment plans are available. An application fee is required.  

Tropical Leaves


IDENTIFY who you are called to be as a spiritual leader



DECIDE on a course of action that not only releases you from faulty programming; but one that eases you through this transition of dynamic growth

EXECUTE the development of a comprehensive business plan and pivot strategy



ASCEND by integrating into certainty of your UNIQUE path as a Spiritual Leader

Let's connect, create and commune as we ease the fear that comes with pivoting onto your purposeful path!

Applications Opens July 2021. Spaces Are Limited. 

What You Receive

Ascend is not for the woman simply looking to launch a business and make money. No ma'am... Ascend is for the woman who desires to step into the fullness of her spiritual calling not only profitably; but with conviction.   A program like none other we identify and RELEASE the root issues stopping you from taking full ownership of your success. within our nine month time together you will receive: 

(1) Builder assessment to help us discover and develop your dominant entrepreneurial and relational traits
(9) 70-minute high-level private coaching calls
(9) Virtual leadership group circles lead by Nichomi and other top Subject Matter Experts in the fields, of marketing, personal finance, etc. 
(1) Professionally Designed Business Website
Luxury all-inclusive 3.5-day wellness weekend retreat {USA}
* Accomodation & meals included. Airfare not included
Priority Email & Voxer voice communication  in between sessions
Unlimited Exclusive access to private Ascend leadership community
Monthly Supplemental E-Learning modules to help facilitate plan development and execution. 

What You Graduate With

A comprehensive, focused, & inspired business road map and pivot strategy that moves you forward. 

A greater sense of clarity, alignment & conviction as you ease into the inevitable uncertainty that comes with this journey.

A beautifully designed professional website and brand story that reflects your gifts!

A supportive community that both compassionately and dutifully encourages you to push beyond your perceived limitations.


There’s no better time to direct and control your career path than right now. The Ascend 9-month program is a powerful experience designed for only 10 chosen women who are ready to re-program, define and begin the process of ascending into their true leadership identity.  

* This is a five-figure investment. payment plans are available. An application fee is required.  

I want to live in a world where your vision becomes reality!



I help women who are being called to step into conscious business ownership & spiritual leadership, do so confidently with a sound plan and strong sense of purpose.

Hi, my name is Nichomi, and I am a Spiritual Leader. To fulfill my role I lead change through speaking, conscious business strategy, psychotherapy, and authorship. Just being able to write that sentence still gives me so much joy! When I had my first on-the-floor moment,  a version of myself was revealed that far exceeded the corporate image of success that I was creating. I was overwhelmed not with The "Who ?" I was to become; but "How?". So overwhelmed that years went by before I was brought to my knees asking G-d for guidance and clarity.  Through my own personal work and countless hours helping women navigate this profound experience in life. 

I help women clarify a path towards freedom that aligns with the highest level of service they have been Divinely instructed to embody. For many that means stepping into a life of conscious business ownership and embracing their identify as spiritual leaders.  Through my I.D.E.A to Identity framework you and I will: 

  • Get clear on your next steps...You don't have to quit the job just yet, if at all!

  • Harness the courage to create an action plan while cultivating a spiritual practice that readies you for the everyday stress that comes with transition

  • Neutralize belief systems that limit your perception of autonomous success, wealth, and self-advocacy