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Disruptive Conversations That Inspire Change

Partnering with you to create the life, love, leadership and your most potent presence in the world makes my heart sing!

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You don't have to figure this out alone.  Let's use this time in your life as an amazing opportunity to extract powerful lessons that fuel your growth and legacy.

Your power does not intimidate me— it inspires me.

Your big and bold vision doesn’t shock me one bit— it charges me up.

Your wobbly moments of humanness do not make me respect you any less— in fact, I respect you more for it.

Your tender intensity comes at no surprise— from one tender heart to another, I see you.

Your desires, complexities and big, bold, vision are welcome here. We need leaders like you.

Sis, I want to see you rise in your power.



If you’re at the intersection of service, ambition, creativity, compassion and leadership, my coaching is handcrafted for you.

My clients include therapists, CEO’s, mothers, doctors, real-estate agents, creatives, spiritual seekers, influencers, entrepreneurs, authors and more. All women and femmes looking for a space where their “muchness” can come forward, their true desires centered and their dreams taken off a pedestal.

I facilitate a space of radical honesty, courageous and sovereign leadership. A space where you will free yourself from limiting patterns and beliefs and see transformation in your life, love, leadership and your most potent impact.

Our time together will always be full of compassion; but I will activate discomfort, because I my friend am a disrupter. 

I will always ask you to expand beyond the stories that keep you playing small.

You’re going to surprise yourself. You’re gonna laugh at yourself. You’re going to friggin' embrace your  whole self. 

You're In The Right Place If You're Ready To:

  • Be more authentic and fully expressed in your life, relationships and work (letting go of the judgments and expectations of others, so you can let your creative genius shine).

  • Develop compassionate boundaries that allow your relationships to flourish.

  • Zone in on your most potent impact. Cut the fluff and get clear on the essentials: what matters most to you? What do you most desire? What is your zone of genius? Live from this place.

  • Be more connected to yourself, to spirit and to your community; no longer hiding pieces of yourself from others or yourself.

  • Find clarity in your message— Align your life to your values and vision while letting go of the life-sucking need to “get it all right.”

  • Untangle the web of old programming and generational patterns that keep you from your highest potential.

Our Partnership Together Will Look Like:

Pre-coaching Discovery Workbook + assessment

One 90-minute sign-on call to set intentions and get clear about goals for our time together.

6 - 70-min coaching and consulting sessions where we will dive deep, create new stories, transform pain to power, and remove blocks keeping you from living life on your terms.

2 - Brain-spotting sessions to help shift that stubborn core belief that has refused to budge

Recorded calls, full notes with action steps, journaling prompts, and recommended materials after each session.

Resources and Connections - I offer all my favorite tools, resources and support to connect you with the educators, healers and programs you might desire after working together.


Time commitment: 2.5 - month minimum package.

Investment: $7,500 USD

* Payment plan available. Only a limited number of clients are seen per quarter

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