Radiate Your Unique Brilliance

You deserve to live in a world where your dream becomes reality and your legacy is something you enjoy building. You’re so close. It’s time to push through and turn your life into a work of art. 

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Reimagine Yourself + Your Soul-Centered Power

You’re an incredibly ambitious WOC who is ready to take things to the next level and pursue your passions. You feel the desire to take action, but for some reason you’re struggling to find clarity. 


The fear of failure is holding you back, despite your many achievements. Perhaps it’s limiting beliefs, negative talk, or imposter syndrome. Maybe it’s the constant demands of motherhood and caring for others before yourself. Or it’s repeating patterns of behavior that no longer serve you. 


Here at SolCentered Life, we create a safe space for you to tap into your innate strengths and break down thought barriers through dynamic conversations that dig deep. Using our unique I.D.D.E.A. to Identity™ Framework, we provide powerful training and digital courses to guide you forward.


Your next level is here.

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The SolCentered Start

It’s time to answer your calling and pursue the life you want to live. Instead of spinning your wheels trying to figure out what advice to listen to, the best answers are found when you turn inward, reconnect with your purpose, and find your soul-center.


This 6-module course will provide you with practical training and resources to build a strong foundation so that you can fearlessly launch your business. You’ll walk away with clarity, confidence, and the momentum you need to propel your business and life forward.

Starting at: $350



The SolCentered Deep Dive

DO YOU FEEL IT? That nagging pressure to take action. But not just any action, the kind that will release you from those toxic fears and limiting beliefs that continue to prevent your BIG beautiful dreams from fully seeing the light of day. Perhaps you're a dynamic leader who quietly feels like an imposter struggling to keep pace with her avatar. Or maybe taking your business to the next level is both exciting, scary and presently raising all sorts of doubt and thus confusion. You’ve purchased the books, listened to the podcasts, hired the Biz coaches and yet, your mind continues to act like an old disgruntled gatekeeper to your dreams!

If any of these questions feel a little familiar, you've come to the right gal! My mission is to help amazing women like yourself become UNSTUCK.



Vibrant Sol A Wellness Collective

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As an aspiring visionary, mompreneur, or purpose-driven leader in your industry, you’re making an impact but it can be a lonely journey. What if you had the opportunity to join a powerful community of WOC who can support your unique brilliance and grow alongside you as you pursue your calling? 


The Vibrant Sol is a safe space that will empower you to reimagine yourself and your soul-centered power. We’ll tap into your innate strengths and expand your business in a way that allows you to fully leverage your gifts, wisdom, and purpose. 

This 3-month soul-centered collective will provide you with the strategies, mindset shifts, and resources to evolve and feel alignment in that journey. You’ll receive live mentoring, 1:1 Voxer access, our full suite of digital courses, and join a community of ambitious, like-minded women of color.

Using our I.D.D.E.A. to Identity™ Framework, we’ll elevate you to new heights with 5 crucial elements:

IDENTIFY your core desires + calling



DEFINE and neutralize your energetic, emotional, psychological, and systemic blocks to success

DEVELOP a meaningful action plan that supports your emotional resilience and sustainable growth 



EMBODY/EXECUTE the strategies and shifts to unleash your soul-centered power


ASCEND to the next level through self-care, meaningful relationships, and growth in a safe and empowering environment



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Tropical Leaves


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ASCEND July 2022

When a woman of color says YES to the calling to pursue her dream, the world becomes a better place. You deserve an opportunity to relax, recalibrate, and leave your cup overflowing.


Join SolCentered Life’s luxury all-inclusive weekend retreat and surround yourself with uplifting, ambitious WOC. 


More details coming soon.

Tropical Leaves

Not Sure Where to Start?

Putting Purpose Into Perspective

Sometimes our ideal life can seem and feel out of reach… Take this free training to deep dive into your purpose, calling, and how to tap into where you are being called. You’ll walk away with a renewed sense of clarity and confidence to build a soul-centered life!